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Once more as they were joined by Crinaught and the boys. All finished, announced Crinaught. Have you seen any? asked Cast, standing alongside his sister and following her gaze. No. Gee 2 said they are all hiding. Make them come out, Gee 4. Crinaught chuckled at the young girl's demand. It will take more than an buy instagram likes urging from me, young lady. Mosa's face oozed disappointment at the denial of her request. Best we start our walk to the hills soon, said Crinaught. Let's buy instagram likes go and see if our picnic's ready. The children raced away in the direction of the farmhouse, leaving the two men to saunter back. By the time Revin and Crinaught arrived, Delva had been coerced into packing their lunch and was just coming out of the building. Revin relieved her of a heavy covered box she was carrying over her google shoulder and strapped it to his back. Crinaught made the same gesture towards Nyvig, who was struggling to come to terms with his load, and the party set out for the hills. It was one of the most relaxing days that Revin could remember. The leaves on the trees were just changing from their reds and purples to shades of black and grey; the last flowers of the season strained to put out a final burst of colour. Small birds darted from bush buy instagram likes to bush, gorging on the berries. After their picnic, Revin sat and discussed his coming mission with Crinaught whilst Delva supervised the children as they scampered around picking the bright red rallips from the small bushes. As always, Crinaught was full of encouragement and sound advice. He was very proud of his grandson and Revin had always been a particular favourite of his. It was not only his adventurous spirit but also his looks that reminded Crinaught of his younger self. Those same keen features were still visible, but the hair had greyed and his face bore the lines of old age. Revin had much more to ask but the children, having filled the empty boxes with large round rallip berries, were impatient to return to the farm and badgered their elders into leaving. The sparklies were what the children called the vyanies – small round silvery creatures that lived on the surface of the lake. A fully-grown vyany was no larger than a child's fist, although their size appeared greater due to the silver fronds that grew out of their upper bodies, giving rise to their nickname. Vyanies were a form of animated sponge and scurried around the lake, cleaning its surface of purple algae and any debris that would otherwise choke the water and reduce the oxygen content for the fish that dwelled below. Cast took a handful of berries from a box and threw them into the water; the red balls bobbed up and down. Keep still, whispered buy instagram likes Delva. The children did as they were told and their patience was rewarded by a rustle from the instagram far side of the lake. Two small silvery objects emerged from a weed bed; they whizzed across the pond towards the rallip berries. As they fed on the red berries the two sparklies whipped the water with buy instagram likes their silver fronds. In response to the call vyanies emerged from seclusion from all directions of the lake. The black water was covered in silver blobs waving their fronds as they fed. Revin looked at instagram the contented faces of his great-grandchildren and felt a glowing sensation inside. Priddy was several yards in front, driving his cart in the middle of the lane, the cobbled street having turned to